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Madeira Retreat

05-10 January 2021

covid 19

Movement - Soul - Breath
Hollistic Food - Yoga - Meditation

Madeira Retreat

Come along for the Anda retreat on the beautiful Portuguese island of Madeira.
Madeira is known for its lush fauna, with winding hiking trails through green valleys and mountains, waterfalls, natural freshwater pools and an overwhelming selection of produce, from both sea and land.


Surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, Madeira offers pure and raw nature that exudes vitality and exudes tranquility. Here you will have the opportunity to find peace and create inner balance.

We will do our part to create the optimal framework for healing through both external influences and internal regeneration.
There will be daily routines such as yoga and meditation and mindful meals.
In addition, the days will be spiced up with workshops where water therapy, sound baths and cocoa ceremony will lead you into the body and create space for moments where you are present in body and mind, non-judgmental, curious and accepting of emotions and impressions.

The Retreatet includes:

  • 5 nights in São Vicente, Madeira.

  • 3 daily meals - pescatarian / vegetarian (incl. Juice and snacks)

  • 5 yoga sessions incl. guided relaxation

  • 5 guided meditations

  • Floating water therapy

  • Cocoa ceremony

  • Sound Healing

  • Yoga trance dance

  • Free use of on-site facilities such as pool, garden etc

NB! Transportation to and from Madeira is not included in the retreat.


Total price for the above  2,000 €


The Villa

The villa is located in São Vicente, within walking distance to the beach and volcano caves. It is 35 km to Funchal, the colorful capital of Madeira and 28 km to Christiano Ronaldo Madeira International Airport.

The villa is beautifully integrated into the surrounding nature, where there is ample opportunity for walks along the famous Levadas, which are irrigation canals that transport rainwater from the humid northern part of the island to the southern and drier areas.

All rooms are double rooms with single beds, the rooms are stylishly decorated and have a beautiful view.

  • Outdoor pool

  • Vegetable Garden

  • Picturesque garden and surroundings

  • Free WiFi

Accommodation options:



Double room with two twin beds

Double room with two twin beds

View from the room

Double room with two twin beds

Double room with two twin beds


Double room with two twin beds


Double room with two twin beds


The villa and surroundings

The villa

The villa and garden

Vegetable garden


The view

The villa and pool


The villa and garden

The garden


Covid 19 Info

Due to Covid 19 (Corona virus), we have chosen to reduce the number of participants on this retreat, so that there will only be six participants. The distribution of seats is on a first-come, first-served basis.

We follow the National Board of Health's instructions closely and have therefore chosen this solution where we become a small intimate group.
This has a lot of benefits for you as a participant, as you will have ample opportunity for teacher-student sparring as well as longer private sessions.

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