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If you experience that you are mentally ill - for example due to stress, anxiety, depression or other life-changing events that affect your mental well-being, such as divorce, death, accident or chronic pain, then a therapeutic course can help you with understanding and management. as well as tools to move forward in your life in an appropriate way.
In the treatment, we will together examine your problem and what is the basis for it. Here you can through reflection achieve greater self-understanding as well as expand your perspectives on your life and how you approach it. Furthermore, here you will acquire tools that you can use in everyday life that will equip you in relation to tackling future issues.
I place a high value on depth and thoroughness, as well as an appreciative and trusting attitude, in the goal of positive results in therapy. My approach to you as a client is non-judgmental and open and I take pride in the fact that your boundaries are respected and that you are viewed from a holistic perspective, which also includes your surroundings.

Conversation therapy

I offer talk therapy in safe quiet rooms in the heart of Copenhagen.
Conversational therapy takes place in sessions of 50 minutes duration.

You can find the clinic here:
Amagertorv 14B, 3rd floor. 1160 Copenhagen K


The nearest metro station is Gammel Strand. You can find the car park in Illum or Magasin. The nearest S-train is Nørreport Station.

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Online therapy makes professional counseling accessible, affordable, practical - so anyone struggling with life's challenges can get help anytime, anywhere.

There can be several reasons why online therapy can be a good option for you - online sessions free up time in terms of logistics as they can be held almost anywhere. All it requires is a stable internet connection as well as a room where you can stay undisturbed during the session.

The ongoing corona pandemic is creating new needs and concerns. Here, online sessions can be a good choice - if you want to minimize exposure to others, - or are in quarantine, then you can continue your therapy course online in the comfort of your own home.




Online conversation therapy takes place in sessions of 50 minutes duration. The sessions take place online, through a secure connection where all data is encrypted.

I have been teaching yoga, meditation and meditative trance dance since 2008 and have seen and experienced the beneficial outcome of regular practice.
Our body is our holster and it is here to embrace all that is us, both in physical and mental form. Therefore, it is also important that it is treated with care and respected and valued.
When you work with your body, your breath and your psyche, you give yourself a unique opportunity to explore and learn to be in yourself. The greater understanding you get for your body and its signals, the easier you will experience it to be and act in your body without limitations and pain.

I offer individual courses as well as group classes in yoga, meditation, relaxation, meditative trance dance, healing water therapy and cocoa ceremonies. These treatment methods are practiced on my ANDA retreats as well as on request.


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