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Movement - Soul - Breath
Hollistic Food - Yoga - Meditation


Anda - With roots in the Faroese cliffs and the Portuguese coastlines, we meet in the love of the Atlantic Ocean and its strength, beauty and wisdom.

At Anda Retreats you will experience that movement, soul and breathing merge so that you are taken by the hand as a whole human being.
We seek healing through movement, sound, silence, breathing and bioactive foods.

Each retreat is tailored to the current location, as it is an important element for us to consider the surrounding nature in the retreat. Yoga and meditation are recurring elements of our retreats, along with mindful meals consisting of bioactive foods. In addition, you will experience a lot of other exciting initiatives ranging from meditative trance dancing, healing water therapy, sound healing and cocoa ceremonies, hiking and experiences at sea.

Julia Svabo

Psychologist with many years of experience and interest in holistic health. Teaches yoga, meditation, body and healing.
My approach to the individual student is curious, open and accepting.

Psychologist and holistic therapist

Goncalo Galamba

Trained chef with many years of experience in fine dining. I have a great knowledge and interest about bioactive foods and how it is used as a healing tool in relation to human health.



Through movement, space is created in the body. Muscles and tendons are activated, stretched and strengthened in cooperation with the breath. The spine is lengthened and flexed. For each inhalation, you open the body and give yourself space to explore it in a new way. On exhalation, you let go and move deeper either through movement or stillness.


Meditation can reduce stress, increase calmness and clarity as well as promote happiness. Mindfulness meditation is not about letting your thoughts wander nor about trying to empty the mind. Instead, this practice involves paying attention to the current moment - especially your own thoughts, feelings and sensations - no matter what is happening.


Healing water therapy

Water healing can be a very transformative treatment that affects both body and mind. It is a nurturing form of body therapy performed in a warm pool with waist deep water. Gentle stretches have a therapeutic effect on the body and the support of water makes it possible to move the spine in certain ways that are not possible on land.

I will guide you through the water, tune in to your body and "listen" to how it moves, where it wants to go and help you make it easier. Almost like a dance, we slide through the water together and your body curls, twists and stretches as I continue to pull you through the water. You will feel safe, cared for, vulnerable and yet comfortable at the same time.


Cocoa ceremony

The cocoa ceremony is a form of shamanic healing, however without hallucinogens or out of body experiences.

For the ceremony, we create a beautiful atmosphere and share space and time with each other. Here we will drink "holy" cocoa which will open your blood vessels and cause increased blood flow through the body. This intensifies as we move the body through dance and can cause a feeling of slight euphoria.

Trance Dance

Heavy deep drum rhythms form the framework of each session where the goal is to let go of thoughts and control and instead move freely on impulse. It is often when we let go of control that we manage to move in new ways - this is where we create contact with areas of the body that we avoid both consciously and unconsciously in everyday life. When we move to places in the body that are unexplored or forgotten, it often causes new sensations and emotions to arise. Past traumas can be stored in the body muscularly in the form of tension and in the trance dance we explore these areas, anchor the emotions that are stored there and give them space to be present.

Holistic Bio-Active Food 

From the beginning, Anda has set out to enhance the lives of people by improving their health. Our goal is not only to alleviate symptoms, but to provide natural solutions to these unsolved long-term problems through the creation of holistic healthy bio active food. Moreover, we want to shield people from the stressful environments that greatly affect their health and provide them with clean, natural solutions that work, so people can reach their full potential daily.

There is a wisdom in nature that always seeks balance and strives for perfection and our bodies are no different. By trusting the wisdom of nature and working with it, we can use the full potential of these benefits for our own health and vitality.


Anda food rests on three principles:

  • Power of Fermentation

We are experts in a traditional living culture fermentation combined with ancient holistic medicine, such as Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Fermentation is the perfect example of life and foods are combined to create harmony and perfect balance in the body. All traditional cultures around the world ferment their favorite foods including soy, milk, cocoa, grapes, maca, baobab, etc. It is in this way that food was consumed both at ceremonies and in traditional medicine. Everything is improved by fermentation. The color, the smell and the taste are all enhanced. The most important is the creation of bio-available nutrients at a higher level of therapeutic value. Not only does the amount of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants, polyphenols, enzymes and micro-organism increase, but they become highly absorbable for your body to utilize.


  • 100% Natural

We always use certified organic, non-GMO verified whole foods, herbs, mushrooms, and locally grown products.


  • Home made with the extra care and love

Everything is made by us from scratch to  regenerate your body and soul.


We live in a society in which many people think very little about their food choices and as a result have poor health and are not nourishing body and soul in accordance with their highest good; yet, there are others who think so much about what they eat that they become stuck in a rigid mindset.

When we think of a spiritual path, we often envision meditation, yoga, fasting, chanting, or prayer. We don’t usually consider our everyday meals as a potential gateway to mystical transformation. Yet, the food you eat and your approach to it can be one of the most powerful pathways to spiritual renewal. Plus, it can be fun and delicious!

Ultimately, we hope to inspire a belief and trust in mother earth and the wisdom of nature as the most effective tool for health and happiness.

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