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Stress management for your company's employees

I offer a range of services to companies that need a good and effective portfolio of tools to relieve stress in their employees. You can choose individual items, combinations or the complete package.


The various services are:



What causes stress? How does it occur and what happens to our bodies when we are exposed to stressors and mentally stressful influences?

Through a 2 hour lecture, I go in depth with the causes of stress as an illness and as a disorder. It is a condition that is stigmatized in several places in society - some perceive it as an invention or a way of being a victim, and do not recognize the serious physical and mental consequences that stress can have - not to mention the economic ones.

In the lecture, I address cases that shed light on how stress manifests itself, how the disorder can develop and how a course of treatment provides space and a place for the individual to be able to get out of the condition in a strengthened way.

You can both prevent and treat stress today if you have the right tools, and the lecture can thus also be used as inspiration for, for example, an HR department that wants to acquire these, to create a more stress preventing company.



Stress coaching can be used in several phases of the development of the ilness. In the run-up, I can help structure a course that can help prevent the disorder from flaring up. By having a good analysis of stressors - factors that influence the individual to provoke stress reactions, I can make an action plan that can reduce the condition and in many cases eliminate the stress symptoms completely.


The hard hit employee with stress will also benefit from coaching. Here, the course is organized seriously in relation to ensuring the best possible treatment. The length of the course depends on the level of stress, and in several cases it is difficult to say exactly how long a course lasts. It is important that the person suffering from stress has the right tools and has minimized the physical symptoms before the treatment can finally be completed. Going back to old habits too early can often aggravate the stressful situation, which in the worst cases can invalidate the person and keep him or her out of the labor market for long periods. Therefore, this form of coaching often helps to ensure that you solve the problem of stress and get the stress-stricken back into the labor market in a proper way again.



Case-based session where several participants through exercises can reach in depth with some of the causes of stress and better understand the symptoms. You learn to monitor your symptoms and what you can do to respond to your danger signals. The focus is on concrete actions that can change the everyday life of the individual. In addition, as a relative, you learn some techniques to tackle the person suffering from stress, and gain knowledge about what emotions to be aware of and what you can do to help. A good plan for the stressed person can be crucial for moving forward. It may be even better to catch the symptoms in the early stages and have a strategy laid down before the disorder develops to a serious level. This workshop can be suitable for both employers, managers and employees and can be angled to the target group, so that the relevance of the message is streamlined to the need.


Tools for your Human Resources department

As a consultant, I have a number of solutions that can be implemented in your company if it needs to be strengthened in relation to meeting cases of stress or preventing new cases. It can be rituals that can be introduced for departments in the form of management interviews with a specific starting point, it can be help to step in if an employee shows traits of dissatisfaction and a way to recognize these, it can be management training in handling stress-stricken employee, so that without compromising the legislation, the best possible handling of the situation is ensured.

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