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Find Steady Ground
in Stormy Weather

learn how to manage stress, fear and anxiety


Julia Svabo

Life is a journey that takes us all through good as well as unfortunately also bad experiences.
Our brain and heart, body and soul are connected, which has been both documented and recognized by research for many years now.
I have always felt it as my mission to do something about this - to create a form of treatment that benefits the whole person and that respectfully moves you out of the difficult times - not just by treating the harmful condition - but by making you stronger and healthier in the long run. It's about habits, about self - insight, and being open and about being understood.

I am a trained psychologist (cand.psych), and specialize in stress, depression and anxiety. In addition, my experience goes deeper, where for a number of years I have worked with yoga and the physical aspects of creating a deep contact and understanding of the body through movement and presence. In addition, I have a longer experience in meditation and breathwork.

I offer both mental and body therapy.


I value depth and thoroughness as well as an acknowledging and trusting attitude highly, in the goal towards positive results in therapy. My approach to you as a client is non-judgmental and open and I take pride in the fact that your boundaries are respected and that you are viewed from a holistic perspective, which also includes your surroundings.

No two people are alike, and everything is based on where you are and what you need. Together we find exactly the solution that suits you where you are.


If you struggle with mental problems, then a therapeutic course can help you with understanding and managing these problems as well as providing you with tools to move forward in your life in an appropriate way.


With ANDA retreats, you will experience a holistic healing approach in the work towards better well-being.
Healing through movement, sound, water, breath and whole foods, all surrounded by scenic surroundings.


Workshops, counseling and therapy are put together and tailored to facilitate your company's needs to achieve a workplace with mental well-being.

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